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  • BeJeweler Rhinestone Tip Set - Creative Crystal

BeJeweler Rhinestone Tip Set

$10.50 USD

Complete set of ALL 9 BeJeweler tips. Sizes 2mm to 7mm BeJeweler hot fix tool tips pick up and apply Swarovski and Preciosa hot fix crystals. The Hot Spot tip applies other size / types of hot fix rhinestones, nailheads and rhinestuds (except plastic).  

Includes sizes:

  • 2mm (6ss) tip.
  • 2.5mm (8ss) tip.
  • 3mm (10ss) tip.
  • 3.5mm (12ss) tip.
  • 4mm (16ss) tip.
  • 5mm (20ss) tip.
  • 6mm (30ss) tip.
  • 7mm (34ss) tip.
  • Hot Spot.