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Wholesale Inquiries

Welcome! It's easy to become qualified for wholesale pricing if you are in a related business. If you want to resell BeJeweler tools you must adhere to our IMAP policy. This includes ALL sales on third party websites like Amazon, Ebay, etc.

  1. If you aren't already registered, create an account on our website.

  2. When you are registered, email a copy of your business license or proof of business and a note to let us know more about your company. 

If approved, you will receive response by email, with additional details. If you have any questions please call us at 773.318.3910 or send us a message here.

IMPORTANT - when you log in the page will refresh and you will see a special wholesale tab. 

As a courtesy for our wholesale customers, if you have a preferred shipping carrier, please let us know and we can ship out your order using your shipping account.