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What Surfaces Can I Decorate (and how)...

The range of products you can decorate with Swarovski hot fix crystals and the BeJeweler is amazing. From local gymnastic events to the Olympics; rhinestone cowgirls to Broadway and Vegas show costumes, are embellished with hot fix crystals - often very extensively. If spandex could talk it would tell you it loves the BeJeweler and Swarovski crystals.

This process is incredibly popular in the quilting industry. Re-purpose your old stuff into something new and useful. Personalize gifts for loved ones, even add rhinestone monograms and names. It's perfect for jeans, t-shirts, lingerie, wedding apparel, albums, ribbon, greeting cards, gift bags, boxes, silk flowers, shells, dog collars and leashes,... you get the idea.

Use your BeJeweler for delicate fabrics like velvet, lace, net, etc that can't stand heat and when you want to avoid glues. Swarovski hot fix crystals are perfect for scrapbooks and archival quality paper items. 

The BeJeweler defies gravity - so you can add crystals to surfaces that are not flat. - even wallpaper and ceilings. It's fast and easy to embellish lamp shades, furniture, shoes, purses, hats, etc.

Swarovski's glue is much more durable than other brands, but there's a limit to how long they can last on some items. For non-porous surfaces test to determine if you will be happy with the results. Glass that is etched or painted will often be easy to decorate. If adding crystals to metals and other hard, non-porous surfaces we recommend abrasing the surface with sandpaper creates a textured surface so the glue can "grab." See this project for an example.

Savings - You'll save on both time and money! The BeJeweler picks up each rhinestone - so you don't need tweezers. Swarovski's hot fix glue is stronger than any topical glue and since it's already on the back of the crystals, you don't need to purchase glue. AND there is NO WAIT TIME! You can decorate an item and wear or use it immediately.

NOTE: Not recommended for leather, rubber, leather and similar surfaces. If you really want to do this, test a small area to make certain you will be pleased with the results.