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Customer Reviews:
"I will never buy my hot fix stones from anybody but you!! I wish you had a testimonial page or something so I can tell everyone how awesome you guys are! If you do add a page to your website...let me know and I will be the first to write on it!" Nikki

"The rich color of these crystals was just as described." Jackie J., Escondido, C

"I have been searching for a good place to purchase hot fix crystals, I need good ones because I put them on clothing and the cheap ones always fall off. These are not cheap and do not fall off! They are great! And are so beautiful !and crystal clear like they should be!" Pamela M., Elgin, IL

"Wonderful customer service and great designs in the PDF download. I look forward to getting started on these." Grace, S Australia

LONGEST REVIEW - "You guys are awesome! Okay, this is going to sound a little hokey and hopefully not to cheesy, but......... I have searched for 2 months online to get the best deal, most help, and quick response when I was ready to buy. You guys are awesome! I bought the BeJeweler and about 4 gross of stones for one of my daughters new pageant dresses. I have searched EVERY SITE on the internet for help and products. I have been told there are minimums to this and blah blah blah and was getting quite frustrated. So.....I had bookmarked your page, but wasn't sure if the BeJeweler was the route I wanted to take. I called your # and spoke with a very nice lady who was extremely helpful to me. I got my products 2 days later. last night I started (quite nervously, I might add) on the first dress. IT IS GREAT! Too easy! and SO quick. I had handsewn my stones on before which you know takes hours and hours. Now, if you could only help me with about 6 yards of rhinestone banding!! ha! (I have already asked...and you didn't have it. ) I'll manage anyway! As for the rest!......this dress is gorgeous!! Your advice saved my life, my fingers, and my sanity. I will send all of my friends to your site and will probably be back soon to buy again. Thanks so much." Lori

"These are fantastic crystals - been using them for 10 years and never have had a problem with them." Deborah Williams, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you so much for your fast answer and good advice." Margit, Finland

"I want to thank you SO much for all of your help! Your site is book marked and I'm sure you will me often. Be SAFE." Edna

"Thank you so much! Great service." Shenaz

"I appreciate your prompt attention to this matter and your willingness to make things right; the ease with which this was handled solidifies this customer's relationship. Thank you," Rebecca

"Thank you for providing such wonderful customer service." Sanford

"Think you guys are the BEST! Great fast, friendly service! I LOVE YOU GUYS!" Vicki B

"I just wanted to say Thank YOU so much for all of your help. I love the crystals, they are adding such a special touch to my quilt. I look forward to working with you again..." Penny S.

"That was the fastest delivery I ever had and I order off line all the time. Thanks a million!!! I know I'll be ordering from your guys again..." Niq

"Really like doing business with you." Glenda, Texas

"Very happy will order again soon." Cheryl K., Goodyear, AZ

"This is my new favorite site! Prices are great! Shipping is quick! Great selection." BizRate comment

"I have always had a great experience dealing with Creative Crystal. Very professional and prompt." Cheri

"The crystals were beautiful, adhered wonderfully and arrived quickly so I could continue working on my costume with faltering! Very satisfied customer..." Debbie H

"Thank you for accommodating my order (and mistake). That's what I call CUSTOMER SERVICE! I will definitely continue purchasing all my crystal supplies from your company." Shirley

"Thanks very much for your help and the great customer service. Thanks!" Susan

"Thank you so much for being willing to help me with this on a weekend. I really appreciate it. Great customer service. This was above and beyond." Judy

"Your professional business practices are refreshing. Thank you. I look forward to doing business with you again soon." Yvonne

"Thank you so much for my quick delivery. I was shocked when I saw how fast I got my order." Annemarie

"I am always happy to purchase from your company - I've never had any problems with ordering or with my purchases." Daniela

"I just wanted to send an apology for a comment that I left on my after purchase survey that you sent. I had ordered from three different companies and got yours confused with someone else. Your product was awesome and I just wanted you to know. Thanks Bunches," Theresa Allen

"I just received the order of crystals which I ordered from you earlier this week. I want to thank you for the very quick delivery and the very secure and wonderful packaging. It was delightful to find everything I had ordered packed so well. Thank you again... " Janet K.

"My order came this afternoon and I think the way you are packing your orders now is really great. It is easy to see at a glance everything we ordered. The Hot Fix Rhinestones are the best and I love the color selection. Keep up the great job! God bless, "Bonnie

"I just love the new Custom word patterns, its exactly what I need to totally extend my creative juices in rhinestones. It is a great product. Thank you much." Michael, South Holland, IL

"Thank you; you are a good company to work with! " Suzanne

"Thanks for your help! I really appreciate you. Excellent CS person! I am excited about getting started." Maggie

"Oh great company you have there. You have the best prices and very fast shipping. Wish they were all like you." Karen C.

"We use them on bathing suits for synchronized swimmers. Some of our suits are a stretch lycra/velvet and they have held fine! My daughter is swimming in a velvet suit this year with about 100 bejewels and half way through the season we haven't lost any." Synchro Mom

"I'm sure I will place another order soon, your website and service is above and beyond any of the others I tried working with!" Ryan

"I always appreciate how quickly I get my orders and the accuracy in what I receive. For these reasons I would not use anyone else." Sharon B.

"I just wanted to make sure before opening them. I will start crafting tonight! I'm making 3 "Kindergarten Rocks" shirts and one for my sister who teaches middle school. They make a great gift and every time I wear mine people go nuts over it. I always recommend your company. You guys are awesome!!!! Thanks!" Stacy

"We want to thank you for great service and help. Have a nice day!" Camilla

"I just wanted to say thanks -- your advice about using that tool was really helpful to me!" Christine, Seattle

"I absolutely love Creative Crystals and their BeJeweler. What a great way to add sparkle with rhinestones. There is no messy glob of glue. It is so easy to use." Bonnie McCaffrey, Fabric Artist

"Just a quick note to say the goods have arrived here and its brilliant! Despite the high payment on the shipping the goods have arrived here quicker than goods I have ordered from the UK!! I shall definitely buy from you again and i will recommend you to all my friends! Thank you and have a great Christmas." Danielle

"Thank you so much! I look forward to ordering some supplies from you!" Serena

"You are the best! Keep up the good work." Roz

"Just a follow-up - the order arrived bright and early this morning (Tuesday) Thanks so very much for your quick response. I'm sure I'll get the dress done on time - if you hadn't responded so quickly, I'd be on "Plan B" for sure. My return package (Light Siam) went out UPS on Friday. Again- thanks for your great service." Lindsay W.

"Aloha Creative Crystals! Please sign me up from your new newsletter! I love dealing with you people! Excellent service!" Laura

"Now what's in your closet that could use a few twinkles? Swarovski crystals are the world's finest, cut as crisp as diamonds!!" CDEB, Southeastern, MI

"More sparkle and shine than I expected. Far prettier in person than on the site." Joan Parsons, St John's, NL Canada

"Great visual for actual stone sizes and colors. I would recommend everyone invest in a color chart, it is worth the price. Easy to order. Order was shipped and delivered in a few days." Earlyne

"LOVE IT (BeJeweler Pro). Thanks." Hazel, Hackensack, NJ

"The (BeJeweler) tip arrived in yesterday's mail and looks just beautiful! I'm sure I will have many years of happiness (and pretty decorating) with it - thank you again for your time and consideration!" Sharon

"Loved the catalog products - will continue to enjoy Creative Crystal products as well!" Eileen

"I'll try the online ordering and see how fast it works! I've received orders from you before and been very pleased... Thanks for your help and consistent notes and updates." Rose Mary

"I love your products and I just wanted to say thanks again." Kind regards, Michelle

"Thank you for your quick response -- I never worry about things like this with your company -- you always take care of any little problems that might arise. I also want to let you know I really like the way you package the components in the nice zip bags. I can reuse the bags for my smaller designs because they are a good quality. Plus, I take the components out, put them in my little containers, and I can peel off the label with your company name and the size of the component and adhere it to the bottom of my container! Then I know just what I need to reorder when the container gets low. I really enjoy it and have fun when I receive an order from Creative Crystal!" Maryellen

"I belong to a Pfaff forum - joined through http://www.quiltropolis.net - and questions and answers came up about BeJeweler and Bedazzler. Everybody who had ever used both of them raved about BeJeweler. Those that haven't used Bedazzler also raved about BeJeweler. One lady said that her daughter is a figure skater and she has never had even a bit of a problem with the BeJeweler and she has attached - I forget whether she said hundreds or thousands - of rhinestones with your product and has never had one fall off on the ice, which can be dangerous. Evidently another person had read about the tool and asked if anyone had had any problem with the heated tip burning fabric. I can understand the trepidation, especially if their mother had used a curling iron on them as a child." Shirl

"I can't wait to receive my order and get started on a new hobby! Again, thanks," Becky

"I want to congratulate you on your BeJeweler. Think you for making such easy to use product for crafters and collectors such as myself to use in our projects." Myrna

"Thank you for the quick service." Mary Sue Baker

"I tried out the BeJeweler today and I looove it! I am a fashion design student at Syracuse University and I am using the BeJeweler to embellish accessories and garments for my senior thesis. To achieve my luscious, ornate look I am going to need many more crystals." Thank you, Avery Carter

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was able to access the attachment and simply cannot wait to 'do up' a messenger bag with this lovely pattern for my mother-in-law! God bless!" Heather Lee

"Creative Crystal has been great to work with. I realized on one order I had overlooked adding an item to my cart. They refunded the shipping on my second order. Nice surprise - not every merchant would have been that observant. Very easy site to use. Great prices!" Deana

"I highly recommend this vendor and I like buying from them. May God bless you today in all you do!" Lawrence & Kathy

"Your response was so prompt and I really appreciate it....Thank you again!" PeeWee

"Just had to share this with you and again, thank you for all your help. You were so great, but without realizing it, you made my creative juices begin flowing harder than they normally do. Thank you and super hugs." Diane

"A HUGE thank you for your help. I got the package and am going to have my wedding dress done in time. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!" April

"Looking forward to using the product. I researched what the best tool to use would be. One of the websites I found said that they had tried them all and this was by far the best. Wish I knew the website. Anyhow, you've gotten high praises. Thanks for your help." Ami

"Hi, I love your BeJeweler pro!! Thanks for your great product...." Mary Ann

"I love the glue. I am able to glue the crystals, chain cabochons, glitter etc. I love how it dries clear, and that it does not have noxious smell to it. One of my students is allergic to all the glues I have used in the past and I can't tell you how glad I was to find your glue and she was delighted with it. I have done beaded handbags, foil handbags, handbags with feather on them and for all of them, I have used Crystal Clear glue. I will send you a separate emails with pictures so that the files will be reduced otherwise the files are huge. I am not all that computer savvy so bear with me." Vicky

"Just received my order the other day and all I could keep saying as I was unpacking the order was "Wow!" The crystals are absolutely stunning in their lustre and light refraction. I've purchased crystals through other retailers but the quality isn't the same. The customer service was excellent and I appreciate how quickly I received the order. Already planning my next order with Creative Crystals and pointing my embellishing friends in the right direction too. Thanks again," Sonja, Terrace, B.C.

"I am a new customer and I cannot get enough of your products. My daughters compete in rhythmic gymnastics and now have the BEST leotards out there. The crystals are so easy to apply and look so professional. I also run a a small home business of unique handbags, watches, hats and more. My mind has been spinning with ideas since I've found your products. It use to take weeks to hand set all the crystals and this is quicker and cost effective. THANK YOU FOR GREAT PRODUCTS!" Catherine of South Carolina

"Thank you so much for the "FAST" response, usually I wait days for a response. I do have a Teflon sheet, and thank you for all the other ideas. I did use the crystals on the comb for my hair as well as the unity candle and will use them on the garter and other items, now that I received your email. I am hoping to open a shop for my daughter as she loves to scrapbook/craft. I already have the name and building, but do to a severe injury to my back, and other illnesses, I will not be able to do this, so my daughter is going to take over, as I have just about everything there is for her to do this. I will be contacting your company when this happens as I would love to sell Creative Crystal products. THANK YOU once again, YOU WERE A LIFE SAVER AND AN ANGEL for helping me. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!" Jeanie

"I am impressed with how soon you get orders out... now if you will just send me someone to teach how to do all these crafty things I will be reallly happy...:) Sheralyn

"Hi...let me thank you again for all your help this morning. Have made my selections and looking forward to getting started." Leslie

"I am a new customer. Your site came highly recommended! I was placing my order and I goofed and hit the wrong button. I placed two orders but would like to combine for free shipping. I placed one directly after the other. I was intentionally meaning to meet the special amount for the free shipping. Hope it can be caught and fixed. (NOTE: The orders were combined, she received the free shipping offer and her shipping fees were refunded).
Thanks so much in advance for all your help! Hope to be doing more business with you!
I will recommend you to other crafters!" Sincerely, Karen Harris

"Just received my order. Thank you so much. I have ordered from your company before and this time my daughter ordered fro another place . After dealing with this company the people were so rude and not appreciative of our business. I will never do business with them again. From now on you will definitely be getting my business. I have never had a problem with your company. Your staff is always courteous and helpful. A true sign of professional. Once again thank you and I will be sending more orders your way." Florence

"Greetings from Argentina. I am very satisfied with your product, thank you very much and congratulations." Ana

"I just tried it (BeJeweler) and it works like a champ for this...............WOW. Once again THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

"I've got you down for a project and I'll look forward to getting it as soon as you can send it along! I love your products and your company." Cindy

Thank you for taking time to read these! We will strive to exceed your expectations.