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Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals

You may never use glue again!

Imagine "gluing" on rhinestones without the odor, mess or waiting while your crystals slide off your item. Swarovski solved these and more with their patented heat sensitive (hot fix) glue. The back of each hot fix crystal is coated in this glue. The BeJeweler picks up each crystal, uses the correct temperature to melt the glue so you can place the crystal exactly where you want. Once placed It forms a permanent bond so your item can be used immediately.

SO EASY TO APPLY - no talent needed! No messy, smelly or dangerous glue needed.

FUN - chill and watch TV while you decorate; sip wine - just not too much, please; throw a party - tell friends to bring an item to embellish; create one-of-a-kind gifts and fashions to wear.

FAST - NO waiting for glue to dry. You can decorate and wear or use the item immediately!

SAVE $$$ - the pennies extra you pay for Swarovski hot fix crystals actually will cost less than traditional glue methods. Remember - you don't need to buy any special glues (that dry out), syringes (to toss away) or tweezers (awkward - watch that rhinestone fly out).

MAKE $$$ - Sell the items you decorate, embellish items for others or sell our products! It's so easy to turn this hobby into a profitable business.

REWARDING - create your own UNIQUE, sparkling accessories at a fraction of the retail cost. Give sparkling gifts everyone will love and treasure forever. imagine opening clean out your closet and end up with a totally new, fashionable wardrobe!

Why should I buy Swarovski hot fix crystals?

You're worth it - you know that!. Swarovski is the always best choice when you want a high quality finished product to wear, gift or sell. Items decorated with Swarovski crystals will always sell for the highest prices and the crystals will retain their brilliance indefinitely.

How do I apply hot fix crystals?

The BeJeweler will apply crystals permanently to any porous surface. It's perfect for hats, purses, shoes, fabrics, paper, scrapbooks, lamp shades, wallpaper (and much more). Perfect for delicate, difficult fabrics and uneven surfaces that cannot withstand direct heat form an iron or heat press. Use to add assorted size crystals to an embellished or plain item. BeJeweler directions here.

If you are applying a large quantity of the same size crystals, you can use a heat press or a flat dry iron. See heat press / iron directions here.