Internet Manufacturer's Approved Pricing (IMAP) Policy

Adherence to IMAP Policy

The IMAP Policy (hereafter Policy) was developed to prevent price "wars" and protect both legitimate resellers (you) and our brand (BeJeweler). The Policy sets a minimum online price to ensure legitimate resellers can make a profit when selling products. Resellers can show online prices higher than MSRP and "discount" the prices to the actual MSRP. If they offer discounts, coupons, and / or promotions, the discounted price must be in listed a private area not available to the public. Resellers can sell in stores, trade shows and similar physical locations at any price they choose, however their website must show the full MSRP price. We sincerely thank all resellers who have embraced this Policy. By purchasing from Company, all wholesalers and/or distributors agree to this Policy as outlined below.

Details of IMAP Policy:

1. On any / all internet sites, BeJeweler Pro (USA model) tools must be listed at or above the MSRP (Retail) specified price of $28.95 USD / $36.95 CAD.

2. If you resell to companies who list on 3rd party websites (Amazon, eBay, Sears, Wal-Mart, Jet, Rakuten /, Overstock, Groupon, etc.) - or if you sell on these sites, please notify us first. These listings must be authorized by Creative Crystal and sold to customers ONLY after they sign thisPolicy. Listings must use correct descriptions, details and photos as well as the IMAP price. Resellers must use the existing ASIN numbers for Amazon listings. Do NOT include BeJeweler brand products in Amazon upload files. All Products on IMAP must be on an exclusion list.

3. If a customer violates thisPolicy,Company will request the customer cease advertising and selling products on the Internet in violation of IMAP policy. Failure to comply with our requests will result in Company ceasing to accept from and/or ship orders for said customer.

4. In executing this policy,Company will act at all times unilaterally, and will neither solicit, consider nor agree to any recommendation, request or demand of any other person. All matters of interpretation and application of the terms of this policy and all matters concerning enforcement of this Policy shall remain with the sole, unilateral authority of Company. For details, comments or questions concerning this policy please e-mail us at: or call: 1-844-422-4464. Thank you.