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Hot Fix Crystal Sizes Made Simple...

Rhinestone sizes are weird at best. The sizes are listed in both millimeter and ss (stone size) - an archaic European measurement kinda related to calling weight by "stones". Of course they can't call weight pounds since pounds are European money.

Back to the hot fix crystals. We offer these in 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8,5mm and 11mm.

Want tiny - the smallest rhinestone is 2mm (6ss). A sneeze will blow them across the room and you'll never find them again. This size is perfect for pave (where rhinestones are very close together). Also 2mm crystals create an eye catching twinkling effect.

The 2.5mm (8ss) is a new size and not used often. It is good if you want graduated size crystals (use 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, etc). This size is available in clear diamond an Aurora Borealis.

The 3mm (10ss) rhinestone is the second most popular size. It's the favorite for transfer designs (motifs), names and used on fine fashions where this small size adds tasteful sparkle.

Swarovski recently added a 3.5mm (12ss) which is about as (un)popular as 2.5mm. This one also is available only in clear diamond an Aurora Borealis.

The original and still the most popular size is 4mm (16ss). This size seems to be perfect for nearly any item from fashion to home decor, quilts, shoes, etc.

For costumes 5mm (20ss) crystal is king or queen, whichever you prefer. You'll get lots of sparkle so perfect for stage and screen.

The 6mm (30ss) is newer but not as popular as the 7mm (34ss). Customers prefer 7mm 9 to 1 over 6mm. This is a great size for accents, costumes and jewelry.

The 8.5mm (40ss) and 11mm (48ss) are not in the chart below but you get the idea. They are HUGE!

FYI - computer screens may not show this ruler correctly please compare to an actual ruler so you choose the sizes you want. CLICK HERE to view and purchase Swarovski hotifx crystals!