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Easy BeJeweler Directions

Life is short don't waste it gluing on rhinestones!
Click here for videos.

Let the BeJeweler do the work for you! The back of each Swarovski hot fix crystal is coated with a heat sensitive glue. The BeJeweler melts the glue and attaches the crystal onto your item. Wear use immediately!

"I absolutely love Creative Crystals and their BeJeweler. What a great way to add sparkle with rhinestones. There is no messy glob of glue. It is so easy to use." Bonnie McCaffrey, Fabric Artist

Just follow these easy directions:

The 4mm (16ss) tip is already on your BeJeweler. If using a different size crystal, change the tip to match the size of the rhinestone you are using. Tips are etched with the size but if you cannot read that place tips (not in tool) over the crystal until one picks up the crystal.

Plug in the BeJeweler and allow to preheat 3+ minutes. Place crystals face up on a hard, flat non-porous surface (glass, Teflon or other - not plastic or wood).

Step 1 - Place crystals face up on a flat, hard, non-porous surface (tile, glass, teflon, etc). Place the rhinestones (face up) on a flat, hard surface, non-porous surface (tile, glass, teflon, etc). Gently roll the tip up and over the rhinestone - rotate about 1/4 turn and lift. The tip will pick up the rhinestone for you.

Step 2 - Allow the heat to melt the glue will begin to look wet. Small stones take very little time - larger ones require more time.

Step 3 - Place the rhinestone by rolling the tip down onto your item and rotating about 1/4 turn then lift. This twisting motion smears the glue into the fabric fibers. To ensure the crystal is on securely turn the tip of the tool to the side and gently press down briefly on the top of the crystal.

A light touch.... is best!

NOTE: When surfaces are not flat, uneven or the surface bends, the crystals will pop off. Remember this when decorating different surfaces.