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BeJeweler Troubleshooting...

Run into a wall? We're here to help. Check for a solution below if you don't find it please contact us.

Tip will not pick up crystal:

  1. BeJeweler precision rhinestone tips (concave) are made to pick up and apply Swarovski and Preciosa hot fix crystals / rhinestones.

  2. If using a different type of hot fix item, see below, "Applying Swarovski hot fix jewels and non-Swarovski hot fix items."

  3. Make sure you match the tip to the rhinestone. The size is on the side but if you can't read it, place a tip over the crystal and it will pick up the crystal. If you need help, view this short video (click here).

  4. Make sure all crystals are face up on a flat, hard non-porous surface (glass, tile, Teflon, etc).

  5. Do NOT hold the tip over the crystal when picking it up. Use a light touch, place the tip over the crystal, rotate slightly and pick the crystal up.

  6. NOTE:

    1. The BeJeweler Pro Classic case has compartments for each size tip. If you don't have this, you can put each tip in a small bag and mark the bag with the size.

Tip will not release crystal:

  1. This usually happens if you are pushing down when applying the crystal or holding the tip onto crystal instead of lifting quickly. Either way this will create glue build up on tip.

  2. To clean off the excess glue, heat tool. Use a wire brush (included with all Pro models) and brush the tip very thoroughly while hot.

Crystal is stuck in the tip:

  1. There is a slot on the side of each rhinestone tip. Slide a pin or similar item (I prefer a stiff business card) into the slot and push the crystal out onto the item you are decorating.

  2. You may have glue buildup on the tip so clean it while hot thoroughly with a wire brush.

Applying Swarovski hot fix jewels and non-Swarovski hot fix items:

  • For round rhinestones - place manually then use a rhinestone tip (concave) one size smaller than the rhinestone. Hold the tip on the rhinestone for 10-20 seconds. Lift and allow to cool then rub gently with your finger to make sure it's attached securely. If loose, repeat procedure.

  • For non-round hot fix jewels and other hot fix items - manually place the embellishment then place the Hot Spot (flat tip) on top to melt the glue. The length of time depends on the size of the embellishments. Flat nailhead / metal hot fix will apply the quickest; small rhinestones a little longer and the larger items may seem to take forever but it's really only a few seconds longer.

  • NOTE:
    Some companies recommend manually placing the hot fix item on your fabric then holding the tip of the tool on the embellishment to melt the glue. Holding the tip down can damage the surface of your item. Also, this causes the glue to run around the crystal leaving a mess on your fabric and on your tip. Only use that method for non-Swarovski hot fix items or if you do not have a specific tip size.

    DISCLAIMER: Leather, polyamide, PVC, rubber, plastic, fabrics with silicone or wax finish are not recommended. Since application methods and fabrics / products vary, (Buy Sell Fast, Inc. is not responsible for any damage in relationship to wear or application of transfers or trims). Copyright 2016 Creative Crystal®.