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About Us

It started with a plain glove. It needed to be a Michael Jackson glove. The challenge was applying thousands of rhinestones. No one's idea of fun. Until we discovered Swarovski hot fix crystals.

Take glove, add rhinestones heat with an iron and voila - the gloves were done in minutes. It was 1986 and Americans had never heard of hot fix crystals. Creative Crystal changed that.

In 1992, Swarovski invented the first hot fix tool. Creative Crystal was granted exclusive rights for America and named our tool the BeJeweler.

We offer the highest quality products to help you create the sparkling products you love, need or want. After decades of applying Swarovski hot fix crystals with the BeJeweler to every kind of surface imaginable, we love to share our knowledge so don't hesitate to ask for help.

PS - when your project is completed please share a photo on Facebook and Instagram and tag us to be featured on our page!