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Swarovski Hot Fix Rhinestone 20% OFF Clearance Sale

SWAROVSKI HOT-FIX RHINESTONES | The no glue solution to crystallizing! Decorate the fastest, easiest way possible with Swarovski hot fix crystals. Swarovski's trademarked, patented hot fix glue is on the back of each flat back crystal we sell. You've seen thousands of these crystals on Olympic skating costumes, on gowns at Hollywood red carpet affairs, at Disney, Mardi Gras, Cirque du Soleil, and Las Vegas shows. They're used on quilts, costumes, shoes, accessories, jewelry, polymer clay, wood, home decor, paper, velvet, lace, spandex and much more. Apply with the BeJeweler in seconds and wear or use immediately (no yucky mess or waiting for the glue to dry). Permanent on porous surfaces. Having trouble picking a size? Click here for help! 

SWAROVSKI NEWS | Swarovski made the decision to leave the do-it-yourself (DIY), artisan, costuming, and nail markets this year, choosing to re-align its B2B business model and focus on their higher profit segments in the luxury, accessories, and fashion niches. 

CLEARANCE SALE | 20% OFF CLEARANCE!  Automatic Discount. Get them before they are gone and help us make way for Preciosa MAXIMA crystals, the best alternative to Swarovski.