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Creative Crystal Clear Glue

$6.95 USD

Best glue you'll ever find! It's Safe / non toxic, odorless, non flammable. Dries Crystal Clear - Water Cleanup. Crystal Clear glue bonds rhinestones and embellishments to fabric, paper, cardboard and wood; lace and fabric to glass, metal and patent leather; glitter to fabric, glass, metal, cardboard and wood; leather to wood; lace and fabric to glass, metal and patent leather and bonds leather to wood. Security sealed. Trim tiny area off tip for precision jobs; make bigger opening for large surfaces. Always test for best results. One oz bottle. Packaged in North America.

Customer review, "I love this glue. I am able to glue the crystals, chain cabochons, glitter etc. I love how it dries clear, and that it does not have noxious smell to it. One of my students is allergic to all the glues I have used in the past and I can't tell you how glad I was to find your glue and she was delighted with it. I have done beaded handbags, foil handbags, handbags with feather on them and for all of them, I have used Crystal Clear glue." Vicky

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