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Starry Heels

J.Crew is known for their functional and fashion forward styles. These beautiful French-inspired d'Orsay heels, in satin fabric have been embellished with sparkly stars. They retail for $298.00 USD. Find the Colette D'Orsay Pumps in Embellished Satin by J.Crew here

DIY! All you’ll need is:

  1. Your Favourite Pair of Heels
  2. BeJeweler Pro Tool ($28.95 USD)
  3. Swarovski Clear Diamond hot fix crystals in 2mm (pack of 100 pcs. $5.00 USD)
  4. Swarovski Light Rose hot fix crystals in 2mm (pack of 100 pcs. $6.50 USD)

Now if your heels are a different colour, simply swap out the Swarovski Light Rose Hot Fix Crystals with the colour you want!