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Shopify's Panel on Female Entrepreneurship

Creative Crystal is honoured to have been invited to Shopify's panel on promoting and encouraging female entrepreneurship in Canada. The panel featured the following;

- Sir Richard Branson (The Virgin Group)

- Michele Romanow (Co-Founder of @Clearbanc, @Buytopia, and @SnapSaves

- Tobi Lutke (Founder and CEO of Shopify)

- Vicki Saunders (Founder of SheEO)

- Hon. Bardish Chagger (Canadian Minister of Small Business and Tourism) 

As a female entrepreneur, this discussion was truly inspiring. Running a business in a male dominated world can be tough and intimidating. This panel has solidified my belief that women can truly change the world with their ideas and leadership. Times are changing and our traditions and values must evolve! Women must stand up and lead the effort with our fellow men to change the world for the better. 

If Creative Crystal can help any female entrepreneur with their next project please do not hesitate to contact us at info@creativecrystal.com or give us a call at 1.844.422.4464

- Supriya