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Introducing Sthenos

Creative Crystal is proud to announce its support of a female lead business, Sthenos by Johanna Stavrakaki.

Sthenos, the Greek word for Strength, is an athletic-wear brand that looks to bridge the gap between the arts and the fitness world with its unique looks.

We’ll be offering all of our followers a 10% discount on their next purchase from Sthenos. Simply use the promo code CREATIVE10 at checkout.

If you make a purchase from Creative Crystal over $50, we’ll send you a special 25% OFF discount code that can be used at Sthenos for any purchases over $50!

So what are you waiting for? Visit www.sthenos.com today!

We definitely noticed some pieces that could be bedazzled. Who said you can’t shine while you workout?

Always, as a thank you for reading our blog, you can use the promo code BLOG5 to get 5% any Creative Crystal purchase.