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Get Inspired this Holiday Season

With everyone at home and the holidays just around the corner, here are a few ways to keep the little ones busy and to add some sparkle to your holidays this year. 

Things you'll need:

- The Classic BeJeweler Hot-fix Tool

- Swarovski Hot-fix Crystals

- Creative Crystal Glue

1. Embellished Ornaments
Grab your Creative Crystal Glue , some Swarovski Hot-fix Pearls or one of our many colours of Swarovski Hot-fix crystals and a few ornaments. Whether it's adding a touch of sparkle to old ornaments or creating something new to be used year after year, this craft will keep the kiddos busy. 

2. Crystal embellished socks/stockings
For all you moms with little girls, instead of spending $50 - $100 on a single pair of socks/stockings, why not create some matching crystal embellished stockings. Grab your Classic BeJeweler Hot Fix Tool and your favourite Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals and create memories to last a lifetime.