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Embellished Overshirt by Zara

Zara, a spanish clothing and accessories line that we can't seem to get enough of. From basics to statement pieces they have it all! Check out this gorgeous embellished overshirt! This piece retails for $99.90 USD. You can purchase this here

DIY! All you’ll need is:

  1. Your Favourite Jacket or Oversized Shirt
  2. BeJeweler Pro Tool ($28.95 USD) or BeJeweler Stone styler ($18.95 USD)
  3. Swarovski Baguette hot fix crystals 2.5 x 5mm  (pack of 12 pcs. 4.50 USD)
  4. Swarovski Sapphire hot fix crystals in 7mm (pack of 18 pcs. $7.00 USD)
  5. Swarovski Amethyst hot fix crystals in 7mm (pack of 18 pcs. $7.00 USD)
  6. Swarovski Clear Diamond Heart hot fix crystals in 10mm (pack of 1 pc. $2.00 USD)
  7. Swarovski Olivine hot fix crystals in 7mm (pack of 18 pcs. $7.25 USD)

Want to create your own colour combination? Browse through our wide selection of Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals and pick the colours that work for you! Want to add some extra oomph check out our Swarovski Shapes collection