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Crystal Embellished Sneakers

Julie Sariñana, a blogger, a fashion icon, and an inspiration to many. She posted an image on her Instagram of her Crystal Embellished Sneakers, which we fell in love with. The sneaker is the perfect combination of casual chic.

DIY! All you’ll need is:

  1. Your favourite pair of sneakers
  2. BeJeweler Pro Tool ($28.95 USD)
  3. Swarovski Clear Diamond hot fix crystals in 8.5mm (pack of 72 pcs. $35.00 USD)
  4. Swarovski Clear Diamond hot fix crystals in 11mm (pack of 12 pcs. $12.50 USD)

Add some extra oomph to your sneakers by mixing it up with another colour of Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals or by adding unique shaped Swarovski Hot Fix Crystals.