Inspirations of the Month

  • Shopify's Panel on Female Entrepreneurship

    Creative Crystal is honoured to have been invited to Shopify's panel on promoting and encouraging female entrepreneurship in Canada. The panel featured the following; - Sir Richard Branson (The Virgin Group) - Michele Romanow (Co-Founder of @Clearbanc, @Buytopia, and @SnapSaves - Tobi Lutke (Foun... View Post
  • Square Key Throw Pillow - Laris by Clara Duna

    Sticking to this week's theme of home decor we're going to explore a luxurious brand. Laris by Clara Duna. Laris offers a great collection of luxury furniture and decorative accessories all embellished with Swarovski crystals. These one of a kind pieces are sure to grab everyones attention. This ... View Post
  • Embellished Chairs from Swarovski by Sedar Home Decor

    Who says we can only enjoy Swarovski's sparkle and shine on clothing and accessories? Lets move away from fashion and step into the world of home decor. Sedar Home Decor hits the nail on the head with these Swarovski embellished chairs.    But you don't need to dish out hundreds and thousands of... View Post