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Hot Fix Application Help and FAQ
How to apply hot fix crystals with the BeJeweler
Let the BeJeweler do the work for you! No tweezers or glue needed.

Just follow these easy directions:

  1. The 4mm (16ss) tip comes on the BeJeweler. If using a different size crystal, change the tip to match the size of the rhinestone you are using.
  2. Plug in the BeJeweler and allow to preheat.
  3. Place hot fix crystals face up on a hard, flat surface - tile, glass, Teflon or other non-porous surface recommended (not plastic or wood please).
  4. Place the item to be decorated on a flat surface. For sheer fabrics, place a PTFE sheet under the fabric or between layers or the glue on the back of the crystals may bond the surfaces together.
  5. Follow pictures below:

Place the rhinestones (face up) on a flat, hard surface. Gently place the tip over the rhinestone - do not push down. The tip will pick up the rhinestone for you.Allow the heat to melt the glue on the back of the rhinestone - the glue will begin to look wet. Small stones take very little time - larger stones will require more time.Place the rhinestone onto the surface of your item and immediately lift the tip up. Turn the tip of the tool to the side and gently press the crystal down to make certain it is tightly adhered to the surface.Repeat until finished.

To make designs, follow these direction:
Print the pattern you want to use. Place your fabric / item on a hard, flat surface. Place the printed pattern design on the fabric - pin or tape it in place if desired. Mark over each dot using the GemPen transfer marker. Use the BeJeweler to place a rhinestone over each dot. You can also use a sharp pencil or another type of transfer pencil (follow directions with pencil). After the crystal is cool to the touch, gently rub your finger over it and make certain it has been attached properly.
DISCLAIMER: Leather, polyamide, PVC, rubber, plastic, fabrics with silicone or wax finish are not recommended. Since application methods and fabrics / products vary, (Gemcraft Enterprises, Inc. is not responsible for any damage in relationship to wear or application of transfers or trims). Copyright 2011 Creative Crystal®.
How to Make Rhinestone Transfer Motifs
place trims
finished transfer
palce film
Print the design and tape onto flat surface. Choose the color rhinestones you want to use and place them face up on your work surface.
Cut transfer film slightly larger than the design. Peel off white backing. Place film sticky side up over design and tape corners.
Use Crystal Pick Stick to pick up each rhinestone and place it over each dot. Place face down - back of rhinestone facing you

Make certain the colors are in the correct area of the design.
Continue placingrhinestones
until design is completed. If any rhinestones are in the wrong place, replace these at this point.
Place completed design exactly where you want it on your garment. The sticky film will hold it in place.
Peel transfer film

Pre heat iron on dry setting or
heat press to 280-300 degrees).
Place Teflon sheet over the transfer. Place iron on top - lift and move
as necessary to heat entire design evenly. Allow approximately 9 to
10 seconds for 3mm or 4mm rhinestones (more time for larger stones).
Allow to cool to touch then slowly peel off transfer film. If any rhinestones are still on the film, cut away film where rhinestones are secure and replace just the
area of film where the stones did hot adhere - repress for 5 to 8 seconds
Completed transfer motif.
To wash, turn garment inside out
and wash on gentle cycle or dry clean. Add additional
rhinestones with the
BeJeweler if desired.

*Most irons have steam vents. No heat can reach the rhinestones where these vents are located. Make certain you move the iron
often to heat all rhinestones in your pattern. If you are not going to apply the transfer immediately, keep this white backing and
replace over the design to keep the embellishments in place and the sticky film clean.

~ Swarovski crystals can be gently laundered when applied properly.
Please best to
turn garments inside out and wash by hand. ~

polyamide, PVC, rubber, plastic, fabrics with silicone or wax finish are not recommended.
Since application methods and fabrics / products vary, Creative Crystal Company (Haute Mode, Inc.) is not responsible
for any damage in relationship to wear or application of transfers or trims.

Methods of applying rhinestone transfer motifs:
We recommend using a PTFE sheet over the transparent transfer film. Your iron has steam vent holes that prevents heat from evenly reaching the hot fix embellishments. Move the iron as needed until the entire transfer surface has been heated uniformly.The PTFE sheet will help even out the heat and protect the face plate on your iron. If any hot fix embellishments remain on the transfer film, press the film back onto the fabric and reheat that area for a few more seconds.

  • How to apply transfer motif with a heat press...
    Pre heat press to 350 degrees unless otherwise recommended by the press manufacurer to the temperature recommended for your fabric. Then follow steps above. The process is the same.
    NOTE: Make certain the fabric or item can withstand the direct heat from a heat press. We recommend briefly pressing the fabric prior to applying trims - this will prepare the surface and eliminate any moisture that may interfere with adhesion. Use a PTFE sheet on top of the embellishments to protect the surface of press. For thin / sheer fabrics, place a PTFE sheet between layers of fabric.

  • How do I clean decorated items?
    It is best to turn garments inside out and wash on a gentle cycle. Dry gently. Garments can also be dry-cleaned.

  • What fabrics are best for transfers?
    Nearly are fabrics that can be ironed including spandex and ultra suede, can be decorated with iron on trims. If you are uncertain about a fabric, test by applying rhinestones in an inconspicuous area.

  • One Step Transfer Pen

    One Step Transfer Pen Direction
    Use to mark any design onto fabric and other surfaces.
    To use our pattern booklets and pdf patterns, follow these directions:

    Place the fabric or item you want to embellish on a flat, hard surface. Print the pattern design of your choice put it onto the fabric or item. Mark each dot with the tip of the One Step Pen. Test by lifting the pattern to make certain the design is being marked onto the fabric/item. Continue marking until the design is completed. When you remove the paper pattern, the marks will be on your fabric/item. Use the BeJeweler to add crystals over each dot.

    NOTE: We recommend testing the One Step Pen in an inconspicuous area on your fabric to make certain the blue ink will show and will wash off. If you will be adding crystals over the dot, you may not need to determine if the ink washes out.

    Quick Directions for Ironing on Transfers
    The completed garment. Group small designs for extra impact! Place a design on the upper sleeve to create visual interest. Add extra crystals around necklines and cuffs. Scatter loose crystals around the design. You will be totally amazed how easy this is and how many compliments you will receive!
    Follow these simple directions for applying hot fix transfers.

    The hot fix embellishments are already made into a design on silicone transfer film. The silicone transfer film is sticky on one side, like Scotch tape. It holds the hot fix rhinestones in place. There is a thin white backing on each transfer. Peel off and discard this white backing.
    peel backing
    Place the transfer design on your garment and position as desired. The silicon film will hold the trimmings in place so you can replace the motif as needed.
    Preheat a household iron (on dry setting) to the appropriate temperature for your fabric.
    Place the iron directly onto the silicone film (it is heat resistant). Allow to remain in place for 10-12 seconds then move the iron slightly and allow to heat for 5-7 seconds. NOTE: the vents in steam irons prevent heat from reaching the embellishments so you must move the iron to evenly heat the entire design.
    iron design
    Remove film
    Wait until the transfer film feels cool to the touch then slowly peel the film off the design. If any embellishments stick to the film, replace the film in that area. Cut away the film where the embellishments adhere firmly. Then repress the film area for 5 to 8 seconds. Cool and peel off the film. Wash with care and gently dry.

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