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Glue it on - 

Why do you need glue if you use hot fix?  It doesn't hurt to try the hot fix crystals first - if you're not satisfied, then use a glue.

99% of the time you don't BUT if you are decorating a really difficult, non-porous surface (like glass) you may have to use a topical glue.

Swarovski hot fix crystals have textured backing which allows glues to “grab” more securely and prevents glue from touching the foil under the glue backing. So, if you need to use topical glue, we suggest using hot fix crystals. 

For topical glue, we recommend Crystal Clear Gem Glue. Odorless, non toxic, non flammable - dries crystal clear. 

How to apply...
  1. For metals, plastics, and non-porous surfaces, lightly sandpaper surface.
  2. Clean surface with alcohol or detergent and dry thoroughly.
  3. If making a design, mark lightly onto the surface and work on one small area at a time.
  4. Place small amount of glue on a small area of your item - do not place on entire item - do in sections for best results.
  5. Use Precision Tweezers or Crystal Stick to pickup rhinestones.
  6. Allow the item to dry thoroughly before using. See glue directions for details.
Note: Plastics are oil based and are best decorated temporarily. If you decorate PDA's and similar, it may void the warranty. Check with the manufacturer if in doubt. Regardless of how applied, expect some crystals to fall off from wear, etc. This is natural. 
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