How to use patterns with hot fix rhinestones

Using the BeJeweler to make your design

Print the pattern you want to use. Place your fabric / item on a hard, flat surface. Place the printed pattern design on the fabric - pin or tape it in place if desired. Mark over each dot using a Transfer Pen or Saral Transfer Paper. You can also use a sharp pencil or similar marker (follow product directions).

Use the BeJeweler to place a rhinestone over each dot. You can print this page for reference.


Use transfer film to make your design
You will need: Transfer Film, Crystal Pickup Stick, Hot Fix Crystals, Pattern(s)
All are available on this page (click here).

transfer film
Print the design and tape onto flat
surface. Choose the color rhinestones
you want to use and place them face
up on your work surface
Cut Transfer Film slightly larger
than the design. Peel off white
backing. Place film sticky side
up and tape corners.
Use Crystal Pickup Stick to pick up
each rhinestone and place it over
each dot in the design.
use tweezers cow
Make certain the colors are in
the correct area of the design.
Continue placing rhinestones until
design is completed. If any
rhinestones are in the wrong
place, replace them now.
Place completed design exactly
where you want it on your garment.
The sticky film will hold it in place.


Pre heat iron on dry setting or heat
press to 280 - 300 degrees). Place
Teflon sheet over the transfer. Place
iron on top - lift and move as
necessary to heat entire design
evenly. Allow approximately 9 to
10 seconds for 3mm or 4mm
rhinestones (more time for
larger stones).
Allow to cool to touch then
slowly peel off transfer film. If
any rhinestones are still on the
film, cut away film where
rhinestones are secure and
replace just the area of film where
the stones did not adhere -
repress for 5 to 8 seconds.
Completed transfer motif.
To wash, turn garment inside
out and wash on gentle cycle
or dry clean. Add additional
rhinestones with the
BeJeweler if desired.
DISCLAIMER: Leather, polyamide, PVC, rubber, plastic, fabrics with silicone or wax finish are not recommended. Since application methods and fabrics / products vary, Creative Crystal Company (Gemcraft Enterprises, Inc.) is not responsible for any damage in relationship to wear or application of transfers or trims.
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